How the National Tutoring Programme can help your child

How the National Tutoring Programme can help you

How the National Tutoring Programme Can Help Your Child

A couple of months ago we were delighted to become an approved tuition partner for the National Tutoring Programme.

It wasn’t easy. There were an awful lot of hoops to jump through and a lot of toing and froing. I won’t lie, at times, it all felt a bit ‘computer says no’. I suppose that’s why only 65 companies have made it.

But here we are and even better, we had our first NTP students sign up a few weeks ago.

For those of you who don’t know much about the NTP scheme, it was set up by the government to help students get back on track after the COVID-19 disruption. It was designed primarily to help disadvantaged students, warranting pupil premium, but the schools have the scope to extend the scheme to whoever they feel would most benefit. And so far, they claim is has delivered over 2 million sessions to students across the country.

Plytime Approved Tuition partner of the NTP

Sounds impressive but…

Unfortunately, government funding is reducing year on year. It started by funding 75% of the cost, then last year it reduced to 60%, and next year it will only be 50%. Placing an increasing burden on schools, who have to fund the rest. As a result, school participation has unsurprisingly dwindled.

A recent article in The Telegraph reported than only 60% of schools had used NTP funding. Even worse, over £200m of the £594m allocated, was returned to the exchequer, unused.

It almost seems criminal. And it’s the children who suffer.

There is money available, and schools have access to it.  So, if you think your child could do with some additional support then get in touch with your school.  Ask them whether the NTP scheme could assist in providing that support.

If they can’t fund the balance, then get in touch with us to see if we can help. 

Our approach is different to other NTP providers. We connect students with their schools, parents, and teachers in a single platform. Everyone has visibility of their strengths and areas where more support would help. And most importantly schools and parents can both contribute towards providing that support.

We create an environment where everyone can work together to benefit the child. 

This academic year, let’s make sure that the allocation is used to support our children, helping them to be their best.

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  • Post last modified:29th October 2023