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Our mission at PLYTIME Learning is to provide the most effective and affordable one to one tutoring to help your child to be their best.


Starting with Primary Maths

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Focus 15 TM

…highly effective tutoring in 15 minutes 

Automated Matching – sign up and let us match you with the best PLYTIME Tutors

Flexible – choose your weekly Focus 15™ sessions at times that suit you

Targeted – detailed performance monitoring allows us to quickly pinpoint areas of need

Dedicated Tutor – a personal, one-to-one, online tutor to help you to be your best

Proven – research shows 15 minutes is the optimum time to concentrate & learn

Effective – a unique, innovative method that’s proven to gain results

Have you ever wondered why TED-talks are a maximum of 18 minutes long?
That’s because this is exactly one unit of optimal attention span

Don't just take our word for it

I really enjoy competing against other people in the games. I like that the tutoring lesson every week is not too long.
I can’t thank you enough for helping him gain confidence in maths. We've seen him grow so much since starting PLYTIME.
It's taken all the extra work out of tutoring and allows me to concentrate on what I love most - helping my students.

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PLYTIME For Students


Personalised content that's right for you - no two students are the same
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Performance Tracking

Highlight improvements with real time performance tracking and pinpoint areas that need additional focus
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Refer a friend and earn additional free "Focus 15™" weeks for you
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Hassle Free

Simply sign up, choose your Focus 15™ times and we'll do the rest for you including selecting your dedicated personal tutor who is totally focused on helping you to be your best
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Focus 15

Face to Face Tutor

Your dedicated face to face Focus 15™ tutor determined to help you to be your best
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PLYTIME Learning will be there for you every step of the way
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24 x 7

Access to all site content, challenges and help videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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Gamified Learning

Gamified learning using single or multi player challenges. Students can earn reward tokens to drive improvement and keep them engaged
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Flexible Subscription

Choose your flexible subscription package from £12 per week with no tie in.
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Helping you to be your BEST


PLYTIME For Tutors


As a self employed tutor you are in control of when you work and for how long
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Unique Tutoring

Join a prestigious club of the best tutors making Focus 15™ the most efficient and effective tutoring available
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Hassle Free

Let us provide all the services you need - finding students, content, marking, performance tracking, payment handling - allowing you to focus on what you do best, helping students
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Fit tutoring around your commitments and create your ideal work/life balance
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Earn as students learn - get paid for every Focus 15™ you run and receive up to £20/hr
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Benefit from the support of a network of like minded tutors helping you to be your BEST
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Helping you to be the BEST tutor


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