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Proven to be the best way to improve maths

Manchester Metropolitan University Research Project with PLYTIME Learning

Personalised smart AI learning
Supported by expert 1-to-1 tutors
With real rewards to incentivise results

PLYTIME Learning - the most effective 1-to-1 maths tutoring

Plytime Learning is the best choice for Primary or GCSE Maths

Maths Student Plytime Learning

The most effective maths platform

Automatically personalised

Smart AI question generation

Real time progress tracking and review

Highlights Focus areas and gaps in learning

Proven by external research*

Levelled competitions - be YOUR best not the best!

Thousands of curriculum based questions

Opportunity to provide support or add Focus Tutoring

Real rewards to incentivise improvement

Maths Tutor Plytime Learning

With options to add 1-to-1 Focus Tutoring

25% more effective than traditional tutoring*

Built around optimal attention spans

Dedicated 1-to-1 expert tutor

External discipline and motivation

Helps to build your maths confidence

Flexible Sesssion lengths

Easy edit subscriptions with no tie-ins

Low cost entry - a real tutor at an unreal price

NTP approved

Primary Maths (KS1, KS2), GCSE Maths


greater improvement in just 6 weeks vs school alone


of students improved their confidence 


greater improvement using Focus Tutoring vs traditional tutoring

How is Plytime Learning


We know every student is unique and no two journeys are the same

Smart AI technology

Smart AI technology

Our unique AI technology tracks performance at a super detailed level for every question answered.  Automatically moving students through the curriculum at their own level and pace. 

Focussing on the key areas and removing the need for self selection. 

Time is a big challenge facing teachers

Designed to optimise enagement

Everything in Plytime Learning is designed around optimal attention spans. Maximising concentration and making the most effective use of time and money.

Tokens, competitions and real-world rewards encourage practice and improvement.

Plytime Learning expert tutor

Most Effective 1-to-1 Tutoring

Focus Tutoring®, in 15-minute chunks, has been proven by external research to be 25% more effective than traditional tutoring.

Just choose the session length to suit your needs and budget.

Don't just take our word for it...

Join thousands of parents helping their children to succeed

Very effective – 15 minute bursts of help maintained Izzy's focus and it was not too much following a day at school. Tutor was excellent and very supportive.
The tutor was fantastic with my son and he really enjoyed their sessions. He has gone from not liking maths as a subject to thoroughly enjoying it. His teacher has commented on the same.
We particularly like the 'flag' buttons. So if my daughter was struggling on a certain area, the tutor could spot this and then tailor the sessions accordingly.

Approved Tuition Partner

Plytime Approved Tuition partner of the NTP

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"If you learned from it, then it wasn't a mistake. It was a lesson"
Garth Brooks

Lacking confidence, needing challenge, in school, home educated, SEND?

We can help.

Plytime 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Plytime Learning plus FOCUS Maths Tutoring all in One Place

Curriculum Based Content

All primary and GCSE maths content is based on the UK curriculum

Intelligent Software

Content is personalised to each student to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps

Detailed Help Videos

Hundreds of videos, covering all areas of the curriculum, will develop self-learning skills

Performance Review

See progress, review answers, and set flags where additional support is needed

Competitions and Rewards

Tokens are earned for effort, with valuable rewards to encourage practice

Secure Stripe Payments

Subscriptions are easy to set up and managed by Stripe - we do not hold any bank details

Automatic Matching

No need to search - we match students to a Plytime approved tutor

Times That Suit You

Book FOCUS 15® sessions for the days and times that fit your schedule

DBS Checked Tutors

All Plytime tutors are vetted and have an enhanced DBS

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Practice maths on the go, with our downloadable web app

Secure Messaging

Communicate securely with your dedicated tutor

Flexible Subscriptions

Easy to edit subscriptions to increase or decrease sessions as needs change

The perfect maths solution

Our fully integrated system has everything needed to succeed in one place. Super flexible subscriptions ensure students get the right level of support to suit their needs across their academic life.

Plytime Learning - the best maths support

Help develop a growth mindset

Research shows that mistakes are important for learning and growth, yet most of us tend to view them as negative. At Plytime Learning, we embrace mistakes as positive catalysts for growth – we even reward students for reviewing them – and that helps turn mistakes into learning opportunities.

“When students make a mistake in math, their brain grows, synapses fire and connections are made.”
Jo Boaler
Author, Mathematical Mindsets

Personalised to each student

Each student is unique, so their learning needs to be tailored to them. Our intelligent software automatically provides personalised curriculum-based content and identifies strengths and weaknesses. And you can add FOCUS Tutoring support at the click of a button to help them to be their best.

Plyytime Learning - maths personalised to each student

Make every penny count

Don’t waste money on expensive tutoring you don't need or on tutors spending time watching students answer questions. With FOCUS Tutoring, you can add support in 15-minute chunks, so you only pay for what's needed. And the tutor knows exactly where to direct their attention, which is why research proved it to be so much more efficient and effective.

15-minute sessions are
25% more cost-effective
than longer sessions

Rewarding their efforts

Our research showed a strong link between improvement and the amount of time spent practicing. To help keep your child motivated, they can earn tokens for practicing and reviewing, which can then be redeemed for rewards such as store vouchers or games.

Fits easily into your life

The Plytime flexible subscriptions are designed to fit around your schedule, from the number of FOCUS Tutoring sessions you need, to the day and time you want them. You can access your tutor sessions from anywhere... all you need is a pc or tablet!

Had to do sessions from different locations due to house move and holidays - all you need is Wi-Fi access which makes it easy.

Our mission at Plytime is simple…

We want to make the most effective learning as affordable as possible so that it is accessible for everyone.

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