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Plytime learning for schools
Manchester Metropolitan University Research Project with PLYTIME Learning

 Accelerate your students’ learning with our revolutionary Focus Tutoring approach
proven by MMU research to be significantly more effective than other tutoring

Plytime Approved Tuition partner of the NTP

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Benefits for schools

Super-Flexible & Easy to Use

Our flexible subscriptions are designed to suit your needs, from the number of FOCUS Tutoring sessions, to the day and time you want them. Students can access tutor sessions from anywhere at any time... all they need is a pc or tablet!

Plytime Target 250 whole school access

Progress Tracked & personalised to every student

Save time and effort. Let our intelligent software automatically provide personalised curriculum-based content to your students whist tracking their progress and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

15-minute sessions are
25% more cost-effective
than longer sessions

Rewarding for students

Our research showed a strong link between improvement and the amount of time spent practicing. To help keep your students motivated they can earn tokens for practicing and reviewing, which can then be redeemed for rewards.

PLYTIME Learning Rewards Token

Everything you need in one place

Our fully integrated NTP approved system has everything your students need to ensure they get the right level of support to suit them.

Plytime Approved Tuition partner of the NTP

Connecting schools and parents

A great way to connect parents, schools and students. Everyone can see where progress is being made and more focused support would help, with a range of options to provide it.


You will have access to a single point of contact who can work with you to ensure your students get the most from their time on Plytime Learning.

Our aim is to help each student to be their best!

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Discover how Plytime works

Plytime Learning maths tutoring student

Subscribe to Plytime Learning

For £3.50 per week

Unlimited Personalised Practice

Students practice anytime, with thousands of curriculum based questions automatically tailored to their ability – little and often makes a big difference.

Self Learning Tools

Help them to develop a self learning approach by reviewing answers and learning from mistakes, assisted by short help videos.

Performance Tracking

Check student's progress to understand their strengths & weaknesses and where to focus – remember 1-to-1 tutor support is just a click away.


Students stay motivated by earning tokens that can be exchanged for real-world rewards. Learn more, earn more, pay less.

And when they need additional 1-to-1 support

Plytime Learning expert tutor

Add FOCUS Maths Tutoring

from £8.50 per week

Maximize Teaching Impact

With FOCUS Tutoring, 100% of the tutor's time is spent actually teaching the student, not watching them answer questions or marking their work.

Pay Only For What You Need

Flexible subscriptions allow you to add and remove FOCUS Tutoring sessions easily, so that each student gets the support they need, as and when they need it.

Remove The Hassle

No need to spend time searching - choose your preferred times and we'll automatically match students to a dedicated approved tutor for their weekly online sessions.

Focus Your Child's Attention

Benefit from tutoring in 15-minute chunks tailored around optimal attention spans and proven to be 25% more effective than traditional tutoring.

Proven By

Approved Tuition Partner

Plytime Approved Tuition partner of the NTP


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