Help your students improve maths and reduce your workload

Make it easier to teach a wide range of abilities, with questions personalised to each student and focus areas automatically highlighted.  Improve parental engagement and provide effective options for supporting students to be their best

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Our aim is for every child to be their best – and we’d love to help you. 

Research Backed

Manchester Metropolitan University Research Project with PLYTIME Learning

Research by a leading University into Plytime Learning proved that it is a more effective way of improving student outcomes

Approved Partner

Plytime Approved Tuition partner of the NTP


average maths improvement in just 6 weeks


of children improved their maths in 6 weeks


greater improvement using 15-minute sessions

Benefits for Schools

Easier to Teach a Wide Range of Abilities

Saving you time and effort. Questions are automatically personalised to each student, allowing them to progress at their own rate. Helping to reduce the time you need to spend searching for differentiated content.

Highlights Gaps in Learning

Our intelligent software automatically tracks student progress for you. Pinpointing exactly where they have any gaps and need additional focus to improve.

Really easy to see where they need additional help

Reduces Teacher Workload

Reduce the need to find, copy or mark questions. With over 100,000 online, curriculum based questions, including reasoning, automatically marked for you.

Plytime Learning example primary maths question

Encourages Self Learning

Students earn additional tokens for reviewing any incorrect answers, encouraging a self learning approach. And they can watch our short videos to help understand the skills involved.

A child smiling in the classroom.

Shows Exactly Where Support is Needed

If the student doesn't understand a question or how to work out the answer, they can flag it for additional support. Flags are easy to see and support can be provided by teachers, TA's, parents, tutors or even peers.

15-minute sessions are 25% more cost-effective than longer sessions

Plytime Approved Tuition partner of the NTP

Helps Engagement With Levelled Competitions

It's easy to create "fair" competitions to help keep students engaged. Set them up for 10 days or 10 minutes - whatever suits you. All students play at their own level, so it's about being "your" best, not "the" best at maths!

best parent award

Fits Around Your Needs

The platform is designed to be flexible so you can use it however and wherever you want - for consolidation, interventions, homework, competitions etc.

It's ideal for setting a quick competition at the end of a lesson

Enables Improved Parental Engagement

Parents can link a free account to their child's so they can see exactly where more focused support would help. The more parents can support, the better it is for their child and the more it reduces your workload.

We're Here For You

You will have access to a single point of contact who can work with you to ensure you and your students get the most from Plytime Learning.

Set up has been brilliant and really easy

Tell us your biggest challenges and see how we can help.

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Benefits of being a Partner School

  • Receive full support to help you get the most out of Plytime Learning
  • Influence further development around your needs
  • Lead the way for other schools and students
  • Halve the platform cost per student
  • Be the first to benefit from new AI features 
  • Offer your teachers the opportunity to benefit financially
  • Partner schools engagement badge
Plytime Learning partner school

What do other teachers say?

I like the way it could be made so personal for individual children
I like that it's focused on the mathematical content
Used right, Plytime can have a big impact on children's maths learning
The support from Plytime has been great
It's value for money in comparison to other platforms
10 out of 10 for being able to set up "levelled" competitions encouraging each child to be their best

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Not all maths platforms are equal

Plytime learning maths platform comparison table

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Manchester Metropolitan University Research Project with PLYTIME Learning

 Accelerate your students’ learning with our revolutionary Focus Tutoring approach
proven by MMU research to be significantly more effective than other tutoring

Plytime Approved Tuition partner of the NTP

Everything in One Place

Parental Engagement

Encouraging parental involvement


Automatic marking and performance tracking


System highlighting where students have gaps & need support


Levelled competitions encouraging each child to be their best

Saving Time

Saving time for teachers


Effective for interventions and/or homework


Questions automatically personalised to each student

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