Top Tips for getting your child “back to school” ready

Back to school tips for your child

Top Tips for Getting Your Child "Back To School" Ready

When the Summer holidays started it seemed like such a long time until the children had to go back to school didn’t it?  But with September fast approaching it can feel like a mad rush to get everything sorted before the start of the new school year.

If you are trying to plan ahead before the last minute panic for uniform begins. Or if you are just trying to make sure the start back to school goes as smoothly as possible.  Here are our top tips to help you get your child ready for the new term.

1. Buy school uniform early

Schools are now required to help keep costs down for parents, by taking steps to remove unnecessary branded items.  This means that you can buy uniform items from high-street shops or supermarket own-brands.  Look out for offers starting to appear in the next week and buy early to ensure you get the size you are after. Make sure you allow for growth!

Your school will probably give you a list of items needed but as the basics you’ll need:-

  • Clothing including
    • tops (polos, shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts),
    • bottoms (skirts, trousers, shorts),
    • socks,
    • shoes,
    • PE kit,
    • coat
  • Labels – for all the above items.  It’s amazing how easily children can lose one of their brand new shoes and it’s so much better if you can easily claim it from lost property!
  • Water Bottle – preferably a non drip one if you want to avoid a wet reading book! 
  • Bag – maybe a book bag or backpack, plus a lunch bag and lunchbox
  • Pencil case and stationery – again school will normally tell you if they need anything specific.
Children with back to school uniform

2. Label, Label, Label

I know we’ve mentioned it above but it really will please the teachers and your bank balance if you label all your child’s new uniform.

Children can lose anything, anywhere – you only need to visit the school lost property to see for yourself.  So it’s worth spending a bit of time, before they start, sewing, ironing or writing names onto their clothes.  Here are the top labels as recommended by NetMums 

Back to school labels for your child's clothes

3. Get their brains back into gear

Over the Summer months it’s natural for children to want to have some down time from learning.  But research has shown that over half of children lose up to 40% of what they have learned over the summer holidays. We can all remember going back to school and feeling that you don’t know anything!

So, it’s a great idea to help get your child’s brain back into gear, ahead or at the start of the new school year, to really give them the support they need.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to do it all yourself  – help is at hand.  Our dedicated 1-to tutors know exactly how to help your child and we’re currently offering a 30% “Back to School” discount on your first month of 1-to-1 Primary Maths Focus Tutoring.  And all our subscriptions are flexible, with no tie-in, so you can cancel at anytime!

“His tutor has helped keep him motivated over summer.  She’s really boosted his confidence with maths and helped get him ready for September.”

Kayleigh – Mum

4. Re-establish a routine

During the holidays it’s easy for routines to go out of the window.  There’s not the same need to rush up in the morning, bedtimes tend to get later and things are just different. 

So, a couple of weeks before school starts, it’s good to get your child into the habit of going to bed earlier.  This means it’s not such a dramatic change for them when school starts.  Gentle winding-down activities such as bath time and reading before bed can help your child relax.  And going to bed earlier means that it’s easier for them (and you) to get up early.  No one wants that early morning stress when they have to go back to school.  And getting a good night’s sleep helps children stay alert during the day – which is ideal for learning.

Re-establish a bedtime routine for your child before school

5. Talk to them about the new school year

In the run-up to the return to school, make time for little conversations about how your child is feeling about going back.

Reassure your child that being nervous is natural – even teachers can feel like this. You can help your child cope with these feelings by:

  • Letting them express their fears. You could offer stories of your own first-day jitters when you were a child returning to school.
  • Discuss the scenarios that worry them. For example, if they’re worried about who to sit with or talk to on the first day, help them plan a strategy and rehearse it so they’ll know what to do.
  • Look at the tips to help boost your child’s confidence and reduce anxiety, including teaching them how to breathe deeply and slowly to calm their nerves.
Plytime Learning Anxiety

Hopefully, the more prepared you are for the new term, the easier it will be and the happier your child will be returning to school.

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  • Post last modified:30th January 2024