PLYTIME Learning is a flexible service that helps students to be their BEST

Ideal for students who are ahead or want to be at the top

Ideal for students who are behind or want to catch up

Ideal for all other students in between

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Choose how many Focus 15®'s you want each week. You only pay weekly and can cancel anytime you like.
Focus 15

Choose Your Focus 15®

Simply select the days and times that suits you for your weekly Focus 15®'s.
We'll match you with the best PLYTIME Tutor - so you don't have to spend time searching
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Meet your Personal Tutor Online

Your dedicated online Tutor will introduce you to PLYTIME and set expectations for improvement to ensure you get the most out of it
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Focus 15

Weekly Focus 15®

A highly effective focused 15 minutes with your dedicated Tutor to help you be your best.
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Monitor Performance

Real time detailed tracking of your performance can pinpoint areas that need focus and improvement
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Access the site 24x7 and take part in single and multi player challenges - all content is personalised to you and you can earn rewards the more you play
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Focus 15

First Focus 15

1 x Focus 15 per week
/ week
  • Dedicated Tutor
  • 1 x Focus 15®
  • 24 x 7 Access
  • Personalised Content
  • Performance Tracking

Additional Focus 15's

For any number of additional Focus 15's per week
/ Additional Focus15® /week
  • Same Dedicated Tutor
  • >1 Focus 15®
  • 24 x 7 Access
  • Personalised Content
  • Performance Tracking