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Plytime learning personalised maths for each child

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Improve With 24/7 Personalised Online Practice

Practice anytime, with thousands of curriculum based questions automatically tailored to your child's ability – little and often makes a big difference.

Quickly Discover Where To Focus

Check your child's progress to understand their strengths & weaknesses and where to focus – remember 1-to-1 tutor support is just a click away.

Earn Rewards For Achievement

They stay motivated by earning tokens that can be exchanged for real-world rewards. Learn more, earn more, pay less.

Build Resilience And Growth Mindset

Help them to develop a self learning approach by reviewing answers and learning from mistakes, assisted by short help videos.

And when you need additional 1-to-1 support

Add FOCUS Maths Tutoring

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Quicker Results For Less Money

Flexible subscriptions allow you to add and remove FOCUS Tutoring sessions easily, so that your child gets the support they need, as and when they need it.

Save Time And Effort

No need to spend time searching - choose your preferred times and we'll automatically match your child to a dedicated approved tutor for their weekly online sessions.

Maximize Teaching Impact

With FOCUS Tutoring, 100% of your tutor's time is spent actually teaching your child, not watching them answer questions or marking their work.

Convenient & Tailored To Your Child's Attention Span

Benefit from tutoring in 15-minute chunks tailored around your child's attention span and proven to be 25% more effective than traditional tutoring.

"Every child is unique. Therefore their education should be also."

Jeannie Fulbright

How Plytime works to help you be your best in primary maths

With super flexible subscriptions - you pay for the support your child needs
as and when they need it

Plytime Learning
  • Curriculum Based Content
  • Personalised Questions
  • Help Videos
  • Question Review
  • Performance Tracking
  • Tokens & Rewards
  • Customer Support

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Option to Add

FOCUS Tutoring
  • Automatic Matching to Dedicated Tutor
  • 1-to-1 Tutor Support
  • DBS Checked & Approved
  • Flexible 15-minute FOCUS15® sessions
  • Targeted Practice
  • Driven by system intelligence
  • Secure Messaging

As many 1-to-1 FOCUS Tutoring sessions as you want – £8.50 per session per week

Our subscriptions are super flexible

With no tie-ins.

You can easily cancel, add or reduce the number of FOCUS Maths Tutoring sessions as your child’s needs change.

Plytime Learning + 2 FOCUS15® sessions (£20.50 per week) is proven to be significantly more effective than 1 hour of traditional tutoring.

What do parents say about Plytime Subscriptions?

Ben has got into the habit of doing a quick 5 minute game every day before school to get his brain into gear. We're really seeing an improvement in his maths performance. Like the option to add tutor support when we need it.
2 x 15-minute tutor sessions spread across the week really suit Emily - she's able to maintain concentration and the regular tutor encouragement together with the new rewards keep her motivated to practice during the week.
We started with 2 x 15 minutes but increased one session to 30-minutes. This works perfectly for my daughter as she's able to learn new topics in the longer session and consolidate her understanding in the shorter second one.
We've found that 2 x 30 minutes works best for all of us. My son needs a little time to get going in the tutoring session but he's easily bored. This is not too long that he loses interest and it fits well with our family schedule

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