Plytime Schools Maths Pilot Case Study

Schools Maths Pilot

The Challenge

Maths students at St Mary’s Primary School had a wide range of abilities, with different levels of pre-requisite knowledge.  This makes it difficult and time consuming to teach effectively at a class level and provide personalised support.

The Solution

Plytime Learning provided an online platform, as part of their schools maths pilot scheme.  This automatically personalised curriculum-based questions to each student’s ability and pinpointed, through progress tracking, where support was most needed. To help boost engagement, it enabled teachers to create class competitions – on a level playing field.
The product was trialled in year 5 before being rolled out to the wider school and was used in class as a practice tool and for homework.

The Results

Teachers noticed increased engagement, especially when using competitions as an incentive .  One teacher commented, “Children who typically struggled with maths appeared much more engaged. Having the same chance as everyone else is something they hadn’t experienced before.”

Teachers were able to quickly identify gaps in learning. One teacher commented, “Having quickly identified gaps, we were able to work in small groups to help the children in those areas. I felt I saved a lot of time and was able to focus on where support was needed most.

Parents were able to see exactly what progress their child was making and where they needed support. One teacher commented, “We had a number of parents telling us they liked having visibility of their child’s performance with some adding that it made it much easier for them to help.”

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  • Post last modified:23rd November 2023