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How Does PLYTIME Learning Work?

Our Subscriptions are flexible to fit your child’s needs. You decide how many FOCUS 15® 1-to-1 maths tutoring sessions you want your child to have per week, with their dedicated tutor.  You can change this at any time and there are no tie-ins.

Set up your subscription

Set up a parent account and add your child at the appropriate starting level

(Our level assessment tool may help you)

Choose how many FOCUS 15® sessions you'd like per week

Each session is 15 minutes long. You can choose to have sessions spaced across a week or running consecutively

(e.g. 2 x 15 mins can be 1×15 minute session on two different days or as 1×30 minute session on one day)

We automatically match you to an approved Tutor

So you don't have the hassle of choosing the right tutor and arranging convenient times for your sessions

PLYTIME Learning primary maths FOCUS Tutoring process - play, review, support, learn

Let the FOCUS Tutoring® begin

Your child now plays challenges, reviews answers and flags for help so their tutor knows where they need to focus their support during the session

How Much Does A Maths Tutoring Subscription Cost?

Subscriptions start from as little as £12 per week.  Just choose the right level of support for your child’s needs.
All subscriptions are flexible and there are no tie-ins!


/ week
  • Boost your child's performance and get help from a dedicated tutor where they need it most.
  • 24/7 access to personalised practice
  • 1 x FOCUS 15® Session


/ week
  • Accelerate your child's performance and work with a dedicated tutor to improve confidence and results.
  • 24/7 access to personalised practice
  • 2 x FOCUS 15® Sessions
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/ week
  • Catapult your child's performance to a higher level and work with a dedicated tutor to push them to be their best.
  • 24/7 access to personalised practice
  • 3 x FOCUS 15® Sessions

You choose when to have your child's FOCUS 15® maths tutoring sessions. You may want them spaced out across the week or running consecutively on the same day.

You can easily add or reduce the number of FOCUS Maths Tutoring sessions as your child’s needs change.   
Additional FOCUS 15® sessions can be added at an extra £8.50 per session.

Everything You Need Is Included In Your Subscription

Times That Suit You

Book your FOCUS 15® sessions for the days and times that fit your schedule

Automatic Matching

No need to search - we match your child to a PLYTIME approved tutor

DBS Checked Tutors

All PLYTIME tutors are vetted and have an enhanced DBS

Reschedule Sessions

You can agree with your tutor to reschedule sessions to another day or time

Replacement Tutors

If your tutor can't make a session we'll find a replacement, so your child doesn't miss out

Customer Support

If you have any questions, the PLYTIME Team are always there to help

Secure Stripe Payments

Subscriptions are easy to set up and managed by Stripe - we do not hold any bank details

Curriculum Based Content

All maths tutoring content is based on the UK curriculum

Detailed Help Videos

Hundreds of videos, covering all areas of the curriculum, will develop self-learning skills

Performance Review

See progress, review answers, and set flags for support from your tutor

Secure Messaging

Communicate securely with your child's tutor

For the Whole Family

One parent account to manage any number of student accounts

Our mission at PLYTIME is simple..

we want to make the most effective learning as affordable as possible so that it is accessible for everyone.