Plytime Primary Maths Pilot

Improve maths and boost parental engagement. 

Quick & easy to use and proven to be more effective.

Sign your school up – free of charge.

Research Backed

Manchester Metropolitan University Research Project with PLYTIME Learning

Research by a leading University into Plytime Learning proved that it has a significant impact on student outcomes

Approved Partner

Plytime Approved Tuition partner of the NTP

What is the Plytime Schools Pilot?

We provide the Plytime Learning platform to all pupils in your school, for up to 6 months, free of charge.
This means you can benefit from:

  • 24/7 access to the platform so pupils can practise in school and at home
  • No need for teachers to search for practice questions – the system automatically provides personalised content, based on each child’s ability, as they work through the maths curriculum
  • Automatic marking of questions, encouraging students to review incorrect answers, use self-help tools plus an option to flag if they need additional support
  • Ability to create class competitions, with tokens to incentivise students to practice
  • Real-time performance tracking, at a class and individual level, to show pupil strengths & areas where more focus is needed
  • Parents easily link to their child’s account – free of charge (saving each parent £3.50/wk)
  • The ability for both teachers & parents to see student progress and provide support where needed

Our dedicated support team have helped over 2000 students set up since the start of term.

Set up has been brilliant and really easy

Manchester Pilot School

Like your school to be part of the pilot?


It will take a few minutes to set up your school then our dedicated support team will help get your teachers, classes and students set up, so that you are ready to get going within a week

Yes – the Plytime Learning platform will be completely free of charge for all your teachers, students and parents to use 24/7.  

If you or a parent choose to add Focus Tutoring® – to provide additional 1-to-1 support – that will incur the normal charge of £8.50 per session per week. 

Our aim is to continue to provide the Plytime Learning platform free of charge, in the long term, for any school that takes part in the pilot, as we understand how tight budgets are. 

But if you don’t want to continue using it that’s no problem and you can cancel your subscription at any time with no tie-in or commitment.

It’s really easy for teachers to learn how to use the platform.  We have a couple of short help videos or we are happy to run a teacher webinar, at a time to suit you, to explain how to get the most out of it.

Once it’s set up it should save you time as all content is provided, marking is done for you and you can easily analyse results and see Focus areas for each child.

Parents can create a free account linked to their child’s account.  They will be able to see all the same performance data that the teacher can see and provide any additional support for their child if they wish. 

We are also happy to run a parent webinar to help improve engagement.

The pilot scheme is the first part of a research project that we are undertaking to assess (anonymised) student performance from using the platform.

Leave your details if your school would like to participate in the pilot scheme and we’ll get in touch with more information

Plytime Learning School Pilot Scheme