Plytime Tokens and Rewards give students a target to aim for
and are a great way of maintaining motivation

How do you earn Tokens?

Tokens are awarded when you practice questions and review any incorrect answers on the platform.

The number you receive depends upon the individual question, whether you answered correctly and your subscription package.

Accumulated Tokens are visible in your Student Account where they can be redeemed for rewards*

What Rewards are available?

The available rewards will continue to change and at present Plytime is offering the following:-

PLYT NumBugz reward for Plytime

Free NumBugz Board Game

2100 Tokens Required
Free Whotchilli card game for Plytime Learning

Free Whotchilli Card Game

1500 Tokens Required
Free FOCUS15 session reward for Plytime

Free FOCUS15® Session

1300 Tokens Required
Plytime Reward - give £5 to Charity

£5 Donation to Charity

1000 Tokens Required

Free Feather Bed Tales Book

700 Tokens Required

If you have any suggestions for other rewards you would like to see please get in touch 

How can my child redeem a Reward?

It’s really easy they just need to

Sign into their student account and visit the Rewards section.

When they have enough Tokens for a Reward, they will be able to click on the illuminated redeem button under the Reward.

We will send an email to the registered parent address so that you can confirm you’re happy for your child to receive the reward. 

If it is a physical Reward we may need you to provide a postal address.

Their Reward will the be sent to them.

Start practicing and earning tokens now