Plytime Learning is Launching

And we’re looking for Primary Aged Students to join our 6 week Maths Trial

  • Try out Focus 15™ – our new super-effective concept in 1-to-1 Tutoring 
  • See the improvements for yourself
  • The Trial is free of charge for a limited number of students

What does the Primary Maths trial involve?

Creating an account

Then completing a couple of questionnaires about elements of the website, the signing up process etc.

Spending time on plytime

Using the site for at least an hour a week - where all maths content is personalised to you

Tutoring with Focus 15™*

Attending at least one 1-to-1, online Focus 15™* session with a dedicated Tutor, each week, for 6 weeks

this is just the start

We hope you will want to continue your learning with Plytime in the future and improve to be the best that you can be

Our PLYTIME Mission

Our mission at PLYTIME Learning is to provide the most effective and affordable one to one tutoring 

Benefits of being a student with plytime


Personalised content that's right for you - no two students are the same

Hassle Free

Simply sign up, choose your Focus 15™ times and we'll do the rest for you including selecting your dedicated personal tutor who is totally focused on helping you to be your best

24 x 7

Access to all site content, challenges and help videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Gamified Learning

Gamified learning to drive improvement and keep students engaged

Face to Face Tutoring

Your dedicated face to face Focus 15™ * tutor determined to help you to be your best

Performance Tracking

Highlight improvements with real time performance tracking and pinpoint areas that need additional focus

Flexible Subscription

Choose your flexible subscription package from £12 per week with no tie in - dip in and out whenever you need help.


PLYTIME Learning will be there for you every step of the way


* Focus 15™ is our unique, highly focused, 15 minute, one to one, online tutoring  with your dedicated Tutor.  Why 15 minutes?  Because that is the optimal attention span of a student.