How our research project with MMU can help your child

How you can help your child by getting involved in our research project with MMU

This is the perfect opportunity to do the best for your child and help them to improve their primary maths whilst making a real difference to the future of education.  

In conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University, we are conducting research to understand the impact of length and frequency of 1-to-1 FOCUS Tutoring sessions on maths performance – and you can be part of it! 

Manchester Metropolitan University

Latest studies show how primary school children have been disadvantaged by the pandemic and that there is a need for additional tutoring support. As a participant in the project, your child will benefit from everything FOCUS Tutoring has to offer including 45 minutes of free, 1-to-1, online primary maths tutoring each week for 6 weeks.     

We will be using our revolutionary FOCUS Tutoring for the research project.

Not only will you be able to see your child improve, you’ll also be helping to shape the future of learning support. At PLYTIME Learning, we believe parents deserve to know what’s best when it comes to learning support.  Choosing additional tutoring for your child is a big step and there are so many questions but very little evidence. Will it work? How much should I pay? How much time does my child need per week? How long do we need to do it for before we notice a difference? This research is designed to answer some of those questions and by taking part, you and your child will ultimately be helping all children to be their best. 

Who is eligible to participate?

If your child is English speaking and currently in Year 4 or Year 5 in a UK primary school, they can sign up to be part of the project. There are only a limited number of places, available on a first come first served basis. Sign up now to make sure your child benefits from the free additional support and helps to make a difference to the future of education. 

UPDATE:-  This project has now been completed – you can read the results here

And to discover how Plytime Learning can help your child improve their primary maths sign up now for a Free 7 day trial.

  • Post last modified:18th April 2023