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52% of students lost an average of 39% of their total school year gains during the summer months.  

The Northwest Evaluation Association

Help your child avoid learning loss with our

FREE 4-week Summer Mini-Maths

Help your child avoid learning loss with Free Summer Mini-Maths

Claim one of the 100 free places on our Free 4-week Summer Mini-Maths and help them stay on track ready for the next school year.

What's the Summer Mini-Maths?

Its 4 weeks of FREE online access to Plytime Learning – a proven learning platform helping 1000’s of children to improve their primary maths.

Free 4 week summer mini=maths

To improve maths and confidence with numbers 

Your child can play 5 or 10 minute challenges daily

All content tailored to your child’s ability

Play online using a laptop, tablet or mobile at anytime

Easily see where your child needs additional help

Provide additional support where they need it most 

The option to easily add 1-to-1 tutoring from £8.50 per week

Who can sign up?

All primary aged children – from year 1 to year 6 – are welcome to join. 

The free 4 weeks is limited to the first 100 sign-ups. 

When does it start?

It’s open now!

Click to be one of the first 100 sign-ups and start your free 4 week Summer Mini Maths

What do you need to do?

Sign up now by following the instructions below to set up your parent account and add a student:-

  1. Subscribe now by creating your parent account here and then verify with the email sent to you. 
  1. In your parent account click Add New Subscription 
  2. Set up a student account for your child by completing all details.
  3. Continue with your child’s subscription 
    • Choose to subscribe to ‘Plytime Learning’ only from the drop down.  (If you haven’t used the link this will show as £3.50 but this will change to £0 when you add the code MINIMATHS23 in the Stripe checkout)
    • Ignore the Referral box – this is for a referral code only (not a discount code)
    • Continue to the Stripe Checkout 
    • The Free 4 weeks requires registration, so you will be asked to enter a valid credit or debit card into Stripe.   If you have used the link provided the coupon should automatically be entered and the price set to zero – but if not, just add the code MINIMATHS23 in the promotion coupon box (click “Details” if using mobile) and it will be FREE for the next 5 weeks.

Please note there are no commitments. You can easily change or cancel your subscription at any time from your parent dashboard.

Stripe handles all subscriptions and Plytime does not hold any payment details.

  • Your child can log into their account here – using the username and password you created 
  • They start playing the short challenges and we’ll assess their ability over the first 20 questions and content will be tailored to them
  • If you want to check their understanding of the topics in a particular school year they can select a refresh challenge
  • At the end of each challenge they are encouraged to review any incorrect answers and watch short videos to help them self learn 
  • AI automation determines the weakest and strongest topics for your child
  • They, or you, can create a Mix, to focus on their weakest topics.  They play challenges using this mix which can help to drive confidence and improvements  
  • The progress reports highlight exactly where they may need additional support.
  • You can provide the support yourself or easily add 1-to-1 tutoring with a dedicated and approved tutor (prices start from just £8.50 per week)

Use code MINIMATHS23

Approved Tuition Partner

Plytime Approved Tuition partner of the NTP

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions will apply for the Free Summer Mini Maths.

  1. Free access to the Plytime Learning platform for Summer Mini-Maths will last for up to 4 weeks.  It will include access to unlimited personalised content, review tools and performance tracking.
  2. No purchase necessary however all customers signing up for the Summer Mini-Maths will be required to submit payment debit or credit card details via Stripe in order to activate their subscription. No Plytime Learning payment will be taken during the free 4 week period.
  3. Following the end of the free 4 week period the subscription will continue unless cancelled by the parent.  Plytime will contact customers beforehand by email and/or text to remind them that the free period is coming to an end.
  4. Customers wishing to cancel their subscription should use the cancel subscription in the “Manage subscriptions” area of the Parent Dashboard before the next payment date.  The next payment date will be 7 days after the last payment date shown for your subscription.  For example if the last payment date is 20th August and you wish to cancel, you’ll need to cancel before 27th August. Reminder emails will be sent at least 48 hours before the first payment is due.
  5. Any accounts not cancelled will be charged at the standard weekly rate for Plytime Learning of £3.50 per week.
  6. Tokens collected during the free 4 week period will remain if the subscription is continued.  If the subscription is cancelled at the end of the free 4 week period, any tokens collected during the free 4 week period will be lost.
  7. Tokens collected during the free 4 week period can only be used to redeem Plytime Rewards after students have had a paying subscription for at least 6 weeks.
  8. Focus 15® Tutoring sessions are Not included in the Summer Mini-Maths although they may be added by customers at any time.  These additional sessions will be charged at the regular price of £8.50 for each Focus 15® per week. 
  9. By signing up to the Summer Mini Maths you will automatically opt-in to receive future emails, texts or phone calls from Plytime Learning about future offers, news and updates. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  10. The offer is only valid and may be redeemed once for each student.
  11. Plytime Ltd reserves the right to cancel the free 4 week offer at any time
  12. Plytime Ltd reserves the right to change the features of the free 4 week offer at any time
  13. The general terms and conditions for Plytime Ltd apply
  14. Plytime Ltd reviews all orders and reserves the right to deny or cancel it’s Plytime Learning services at any time and for any reason

If you have any questions before you sign up for the Summer Mini-Maths please contact us. We'll happily answer them for you.