PLYTIME Learning is the ONLY site to combine 1-to-1 Tutoring  with

  • 24/7 personalised maths practice, 

  • help videos

  • and performance tracking

… to help your child with primary maths

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PLYTIME Learning is much more than just primary maths tutoring.   It’s a learning platform that includes:

  • 1-to-1 online tutoring with your dedicated tutor – don’t worry we’ll match you to one of our approved, DBS checked tutors so no need to spend time searching


  • 24×7 access to personalised content so your child can practice whenever they want
  • Review of all questions and answers – to see where they went wrong
  • Help videos across the entire curriculum to explain how to tackle a specific type of question
  • Real time performance tracking so that you can monitor your child’s improvements
  • Flexible subscriptions to allow you to access tutoring support when you need it

We’re here to help your child to be their best

PLYTIME is designed for anyone who wants support to increase their confidence and help them to be their best. It’s ideal for all children – those who are behind or want to catch up, those who are ahead or want to be at the top and for all students in between. 

Focus 15® is our unique 15 minute one-to-one online tutoring solution. 

Why tutor for just 15 minutes at a time? Because research shows concentration diminishes over time and short focused periods of attention are far more effective than longer sessions. It’s the same reason why TED talks are kept below 18 minutes – one optimal unit of attention span! 

And many of our students and tutors also find it much easier to fit a 15 minute session into their busy schedule.

You can choose to have as many Focus 15® sessions as you want each week and you’ll have the same dedicated tutor for all your sessions.

PLYTIME is really flexible – you choose the day and time that you’d like your Focus 15® sessions – to fit into your schedule – and we will try to match you with one of our approved PLYTIME Tutors – making it nice and easy for you.

Focus 15® sessions take place online in our tailor-made interactive learning space and are way more than just a video call. 

Our DBS approved tutors access the student’s detailed performance data so they know exactly where to focus their support.  They also have a white board to help explain any areas of difficulty and the capability to create personalised mixes for the student to practise before their next session. 

And we know how important it is to keep students engaged so they practice by playing short competitive challenges making learning much more fun! 

There is no better time to start helping your child to be their best in primary maths than now.

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As the Chinese proverb says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Our aim at PLYTIME Learning is to help your child to achieve better results at a more affordable price.  That’s why it costs from just £12* per week with no tie-in.  Offering great value for money.

This price includes full access to the personalised content and challenges, help videos, performance tracking and one Focus 15® tutoring session per week. 

*Take advantage of our 20% discount offer and try it for yourself.  Just sign up to receive your discount code.

The following terms and conditions will apply for a free trial to PLYTIME Learning 

  1. The 20% discount shall last for up to 3 months and apply to only 1 Focus 15® session each week during that time. After the 3 months is up the regular price for the learning platform will be charged. 
  2. Additional Focus 15® sessions may be purchased by customers at the time of sign up.  These additional sessions will be charged at the regular price of £8.50 for each additional Focus 15® per week. 
  3. Customers may cancel the subscription at any time during the discount period  using the  cancel subscription in the drop down “Action” button in the Parent “Manage subscriptions” area of the Parent Dashboard before the next payment date.  The next payment date will be 7 days after the last payment date shown for your subscription.  For example if the last payment date is 2nd October and you wish to cancel, you’ll need to cancel before 9th October. 
  4. Following the end of the trial your subscription will continue unless cancelled by you and you will be charged at the standard weekly rate of £12 per week plus any additional Focus 15® sessions.
  5. Customers not wanting to continue with the tutoring service once the 20% discount ends must cancel their subscription using the cancel subscription in the drop down “Action” button in the Parent “Manage subscriptions” area of the Parent Dashboard before the next payment date.  The next payment date will be 7 days after the last payment date shown for your subscription.  Reminder emails will be sent at least 48 hours before the first full payment is due
  6. The offer applies only to new customers who use the code when signing up to a new PLYTIME subscription
  7. The offer is only valid once for the user to whom the discount code is sent and may only be redeemed by
  8. The offer is available in the UK only
  9. Notice will be sent via Stripe if payment fails for any reason.  It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure payment details are correct to allow successful subscription payments to be made.
  10. PLYTIME Ltd reserves the right to cancel the discount trial offer at any time
  11. PLYTIME Ltd reserves the right to change the features of the discount offer at any time
  12. The general terms and conditions for PLYTIME Ltd apply
  13. PLYTIME Ltd reviews all orders and reserves the right to deny or cancel it’s PLYTIME Learning services at any time and for any reason
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