Back to school and counting the cost of education

Counting the cost of education as we go back to school

In the sweltering days of mid-July, getting back to school was the last thing on our minds but over the last few days, reality has hit.  Up and down the country millions of pounds have been spent on over-sized uniforms our children can grow into, new shoes that hopefully don’t scuff in the first week, water bottles that we pray won’t leak and a heap of highlighters, pencils and rubbers that will no doubt vanish into thin air.  

Counting the cost of education as your child goes back to school
Education costs money, but then so does ignorance.
Claus Moser

Educating our children is an expensive business. The costs soon mount up and in the midst of double-digit inflation, it’s very difficult. However, I am reminded of a quote by Claus Moser; Education costs money, but then so does ignorance.  What is more valuable than a good education? Learning is the foundation of success. Embrace it when we’re young and the doors to our future are opened wide. Neglect it and those doors become mouseholes.   

Yet education is in a difficult place.  School funding is tight, teachers are in short supply, and as much as we’d like to think we’ve returned to normality, there’s no getting away from the impact of Covid which has led to an average learning loss equivalent to half a year.  That loss might be invisible when comparing small cohorts who have all suffered the same relative loss, but when placed against children who haven’t, then the difference is significant.  Whilst many parents believe their children are on track because they have progressed within their own classroom, the reality is often different. 

We can use other students as a benchmark, or an incentive to drive students forward, but ultimately, it’s about the individual. It’s about being your best, reaching your potential and getting the support you need to get there.  And support shouldn’t only be reserved for those who are struggling, or those coming up to an important exam.  It should be for every student, no matter what their circumstances are. Every student would benefit from support.  

Some parents may make use of some of the free resources available online or may have the time and skills, to be able to invest, to support their child themselves.  Others may not be fortunate enough to do this and need additional external support which can be expensive, with the average cost of 1-to-1 tutoring at over £30 per session. We want to change that and help as many children get the support they need to be their best, without it costing the earth. 
That’s why we created FOCUS Tutoring – with dedicated 1-to-1 support, from just £12 per week.

Whatever route you choose to take to support your child, it’s worth bearing in mind that research shows children grow most when they are challenged to push themselves outside their comfort zone.  Within the right environment, they can achieve things they never imagined.

So, as they resume their academic lives, here are a few tips to help them be their best: 

Tip 1

set a target

Give them something short term and stretching but attainable to aim for.

Tip 2


Just a few minutes every day will make a huge difference.

Tip 3

Embrace mistakes

Making mistakes or getting questions wrong should never be seen as failing, but the stepping-stones to learning.

Tip 4

Recognise and reward

Recognise successes, incentivise with rewards and encourage them to try harder

We truly hope your children enjoy their return to school and do everything they can to build their own foundations for success without it costing you a fortune.   

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  • Post last modified:18th April 2023