Our mission at Plytime is simple - we want to make the most effective tutoring as affordable as possible

So that it is accessible for everyone

The PLYTIME Story - where it all began

Founders Ian and Lisa McCartney are passionate about trying to help people to be “their best”. They started their journey when they created a maths game for their own children and went on to launch PLYT Games – number games proven to improve maths and designed for all ages and abilities to play together. 

They soon realised that students loved competing and gamified learning so using their games they started tutoring at home & in schools and discovered

  • All students benefit from one to one dedicated support
  • Short focused sessions are far more efficient and effective 
  • Personalised content aimed at each individual is most effective
  • Individual performance tracking can pinpoint areas to focus on – the more detailed the better
  • Students are more engaged with gamified learning – especially if other students are involved – and push themselves harder

They believed that they could make tutoring more efficient, effective and affordable… so they set about creating PLYTIME Learning 

Focus 15

Where we are now

We launched Plytime Learning in September 2021, initially focusing on primary Maths.  

We’ll shortly be able to offer 11 Plus and primary English.

Where we are going

In line with our mission we will endeavour to bring the cost of one to one tutoring down as much as possible by continuing to improve efficiency and introducing our unique Advertising for Good initiative.

We aim to help you to be your best for the long term and we have big plans to expand into secondary education and beyond.


Meet the Team


Ian McCartney

Co-Founder and CEO

Wanted to be Prime Minister / Professional Footballer


Lisa McCartney


Wanted to be an Accountant


Carla Bingley

Customer Satisfaction

Wanted to be a Pilot


Debbie Ferguson

Subject Lead

Wanted to be a Scuba Diver


Lewis Silcock


Wanted to be an Archaeologist