7 Fun Family Things to do This Easter

7 Fun Family Things to do This Easter

The Easter weekend is a great time to spend with your children.  There are plenty of activities you can enjoy to ensure that Easter is memorable for the whole family.

Here are 7 of our top picks for you and your family to try :-

1. Easter Egg Hunt:

One of the most popular Easter traditions is the Easter egg hunt.

You can hide any small wrapped Easter eggs or other prizes around your home or garden.  Then give your children heat ratings as they get closer to them.  They get “warmer” for getting closer to the hidden goodies and “colder” for moving further away. 

Or you could make the activity more difficult by creating a series of clues, like a treasure hunt, to ultimately lead them to the hidden eggs.

Things to do over Easter - Easter Egg hunt

2. Decorate Easter Eggs:

Decorating Easter eggs is a fun activity for children of all ages.

Hard boil your eggs for 10 minutes and then allow them to cool fully before decorating.

You can use your imagination and get busy with food colourings, paints, stickers, feathers and ribbons.  Or, you can buy an egg decorating kit that includes everything you need to create an Easter masterpiece.

Your children will have great fun creating their own unique designs.

Things to do over Easter - Decorate Eggs

3. Egg Rolling:

There’s a tradition where I come from, of rolling hard boiled eggs downhill to see whose egg survives the longest or rolls the furthest. 

It’s a great excuse for a family day out to a park or the countryside.  All you need to do is to find somewhere with an incline or a small hill for your rolling, or in some cases throwing, competition!

Children love seeing whose egg will be the ultimate survivor – you can paint them first or just roll them.  It’s not about being the prettiest egg to win but the most durable! Don’t forget to hard boil them first!

Things to do over Easter - Roll Easter Eggs

4. Bake Easter Treats:

Baking Easter treats is a fun way to spend time with your children – weighing, cutting and decorating to create some delicious snacks.

We’d recommend that you try baking some of these gorgeous Easter biscuits with 2 different options for decorating – they both taste yummy! 

Click to find the Easter biscuits recipe | BBC Good Food

5. Make an Easter Tree:

An Easter tree can be a fun DIY project for your family to do together and add a touch of colour to your house over Easter.

You can create your own tree out of branches or twigs arranged either in a vase or stuck into a base of plasticine. At the moment some branches already come loaded with pretty blossom, like forsythia or cherry.

Then decorate your tree with hanging eggs, ribbons or any other pretty decorations you can make or find to give an Easter feel.

6. Have an Easter Competition:

Children love competing – as long as it’s fair and they have a genuine chance of winning. 

Playing family games together with the prize of an Easter egg is always a winner – especially if you have a wet day. Children learn important social skills from game playing too.  We love games like Uno,  Bananagrams and PLYT.

Or for the chance of an even better prize your child can enter the Target 250 competition.  It’s free to enter and there’s chance for them to win an iPad, Amazon vouchers or prizes for school by collecting tokens for their efforts.  Plus there’s an added bonus of improving their maths as they play.

7. Watch Easter Movies:

At the end of the day, when you’re all feeling a little exhausted from your activities you can keep the Easter theme going by watching some fun Easter movies with your children.

Children’s classics like Hop or Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade are great options.  Or you can introduce your children to some more biblical Easter stories like The Prince of Egypt or The 10 Commandments.

There are many fun activities to try with your children this Easter.  From decorating eggs and watching Easter videos to competing in competitions and baking Easter treats, there are plenty of opportunities to create lasting memories with your family. Remember to cherish your time together and have a fabulous long weekend!

Don’t forget to sign your child up for 4 free weeks of Plytime Learning – they can improve their maths over Easter and be in with a chance to win prizes for themselves and their school.

  • Post last modified:14th November 2023